Our short courses run during the school holidays and offer an opportunity to improve specific skills, meet children with similar aims and increase confidence.  


For older primary or secondary school children

This course is an introduction to learning to touch type which can be an invaluable skill and helps to get good ideas down on paper. For those who have difficulty with spelling and writing, it is easier to recognise and just tap the letter keys than form the letter by hand on the page.  Ideas can be fluently transferred to the computer screen and re-structured into the correct sequence without the pain of crossings out and illegible handwriting.

"My son really enjoyed the course thank you, and came out smiling each day."

Following on from our successful touch typing courses during the Easter and Summer holidays, our next one will take place  at Easter 2019 at the Springfield Community Campus, Corsham for 2 hours each day.   Limited places so book ahead to make sure!  Contact us for further info.

"Thanks for the wonderful course from which I'm sure my son will continue to benefit greatly."



Age range - primary school and anyone struggling with spelling

English spelling is complex due to the influences of other languages over the centuries. This can make the learning of spelling very difficult for some.  Our spelling improvement course focuses on ‘regular’ spelling patterns and is presented in a structured, multi-sensory way looking at rules, patterns and memory techniques which help to make the student more confident and to spell in a more logical way.

It’s much more fun learning with others and a good opportunity to build relationships for the future.