Our expert specialist tuition for children and students supports all those who struggle with the attainment of literacy skills (dyslexic or not!). We recognise that each learner is unique and requires individual, targeted support in a non-competitive environment to succeed.

After an initial informal teaching planning assessment, an individual programme is written ready for lessons to begin.  Teaching is structured, cumulative and multi-sensory and moves at the pace of the learner in a relaxed and friendly environment. Our aim is to improve literacy skills, boost self-confidence and develop independent learning.

Many students with literacy difficulties struggle to keep up in a normal classroom environment and can be overwhelmed by the expectations placed upon them. Once students realise that they can learn at their own pace, their confidence increases.  

We usually work with two learners at the same time, each following their own individual learning plan.  This helps learners to understand that they are not the only ones who face challenges and they enjoy interacting with each other.