A full diagnostic assessment is suitable for age 7 years up.  This report is an in-depth look at a person's strengths and weaknesses.  It addresses underlying ability, literacy attainment and cognitive processing.  It consists of a series of activities to show what the child can do and diagnoses dyslexia if it's present.   

A strengths and weaknesses report is suitable from age 6 upwards and is an in-depth screener.  The principle is the same as for a diagnostic assessment but there are fewer tests and it stops short of diagnosing dyslexia.  It is an ideal starting point if a diagnosis of dyslexia is not a priority.                                                              

A planning assessment is suitable for children age 5 upwards.  If you prefer your child to go straight into tuition, then a planning assessment is required.  It will inform the teacher of strengths and weaknesses and outlines long term aims and short term targets.  This is a quick and relatively inexpensive route into tuition.